Your South-to-South Network:

Resources for Public Health Supply Chains
Your South-to-South Network:
Community health worker Koudedia Kouyatz checks supplies in Manadougou, Mali, in November 2012. © UNICEF/Tanya Bindra

Copenhagen, Nov. 19-20, 2014 –  The UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities will hold Your South-to- South Network: Resources for Public Health Supply Chains to be held at the UN City in Copenhagen, Denmark on November 19-20, 2014 immediately following the Global Health Supply Chain (GHSC) Summit.

This free workshop will highlight tools and resources to improve public health supply chains created by the UN Commission on Life Saving Commodities’ Supply & Local Markets Technical Resource Team with special focus on quantification, data management, and private sector engagement.

Each session will be facilitated by experts who have used the tools and resources in their countries, providing opportunity for in-depth exploration and sharing of best practices, case studies, and experiences.

The plenary will be followed by interactive sessions, facilitated by experts from Zambia, Tanzania, Senegal, Nigeria and other countries and will cover the following critical topics for managing in-country supply chains:

      • Track 1: Increasing access to life-saving commodities for women and children: getting the numbers right!
      • Track 2:  Implementing data management tools for logistics and service delivery: CommTrack, DHIS2, and OpenLMIS;
      • Track 3: Engaging the private sector: perspectives from the public and private sector on partnerships that work

Participants can only apply to one track; spaces are limited. To apply to a track, click here.

Contact:  Erin Larsen-Cooper at

For more resources on the supply chain, see here a compilation of best and promising practices for supply chain management

For all resources on supply chain management, see our Knowledge Library here.



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