What digital health tools for Community Case Management?

What digital health tools for Community Case Management?

The UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities just published a review of the digital health tools being used for the provision of community case management (CCM) services in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania. The purpose of the review is to catalog the current practices and best practices that could be applied to the CCM programs in each country, as well as present the case for potential integration of other services such as maternal health and family planning which are often delivered by the same health workers.


The ultimate goal is to design a harmonized tool – drawn and adapted from existing tools – and develop a standardized approach and rapid scale-up model that will be made publicly available for use by governments, implementers and other entities.


Based on the current situation, this paper does not propose a single-monolithic digital tool that will serve all purposes in the countries mentioned. Rather, the hope is to present a guide to decision-making that can be applied for digital CCM innovations as well as other programs in these countries with a goal of assisting Ministries of Health and other stakeholders in making well informed, strategic and efficient plans for implementing new or scaling up existing digital health programs.

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