• The National Policy Guidelines and Service Standards for Reproductive Health Services- The Republic of Uganda 24-09-2014

Ministry of Health, 2001

This document has two sets of guidelines: service policy guidelines and service standards that aim at making explicit the direction of
reproductive health within the context of primary health care.

The service policy guidelines include the general rules and regulations governing reproductive health services and training, components of reproductive health services, target and priority groups for services and basic information education and communication (IEC) for the target and priority groups. It also identifies those eligible for services, who will provide what services, and how training, logistics, supervision and evaluation activities will be planned and implemented.

The service standards set out the minimum acceptable level of performance and expectations for each component of reproductive health services, expected functions of service providers, and the various levels of service delivery and basic training content required for the performance of these functions.

The document is an attempt to address the need for explicit direction and focus, as well as to streamline the training and provision of reproductive health services.