• Tanzania: Strategic Review of the National Supply Chain for Health Commodities 23-09-2014

USAID, 2013

In response to concerns raised by parliamentarians on the lack of product availability at SDPs, the MOHSW initiated an assessment of the national supply chain for health commodities, with technical assistance from USAID.

This assessment examines and synthesizes broader systems issues affecting the availability of commodities, the performance of
the supply chain, and the ability of Medical Stores Department (MSD) to fulfill its responsibilities.

Quantitative data analysis found that the availability of essential medicines, family planning products, maternal and child health products, and malaria medicines is limited, while the availability of antiretroviral (ARV) medicines is significantly better.

The following thematic areas are covered, for findings, ongoing and planned interventions, and recommendations: financing,
human resources, data visibility, accountability, leadership and governance, operational processes (with a focus on MSD), and the private sector.