Ready to use packs: an attempt to increase use of magnesium sulfate

Field testing results
Ready to use packs: an attempt to increase use of magnesium sulfate
A nurse examines a pregnant woman, in the town of Maun in Botswana, November 2010. ©UNICEF/Nesbitt

Preeclampsia and eclampsia (PE/E) are among the leading causes of maternal death and disability worldwide. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that PE/E account for at least 14% of maternal deaths in low-resource settings. Despite its endorsement by WHO as the preferred anticonvulsant in case of severe preeclampsia and eclampsia, and its presence on most NEMLs, however, magnesium sulfate is still underutilized, incorrectly administered, or unavailable at health care facilities in many low-resource settings, primarily due to the complex current regimen.

As part of its broader activities to increase its uptake of magnesium sulfate, PATH has developed the concept of ready-to-use packs. The packs contain the appropriate strength of magnesium sulfate and other key supplies and would obviate the need for dilution at time of use and could contribute to increased use of magnesium for treatment of PE/E. This paper documents this process, describes the results of field evaluation and makes recommendations to increase usage of magnesium sulfate.


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