• Quantification Tool for Neonatal Resuscitation Devices 25-06-2015

Quantification for Neonatal Resuscitation Devices

This national-level quantification tool can be used to develop estimated needs for newborn resuscitation devices. It is designed only to provide estimates of product quantities for planning and cost simulations and is not intended for planning detailed distribution. There are two Excel-based formats of the tool: The enhanced format includes simple design elements, such as graphics and navigation arrows, to guide users through the tool. The standard format retains the cell-based formatting of a traditional Excel file. Both versions contain the same information and formulas and will yield the same data. We invite users to choose the presentation that best meets their needs. An updated version of this tool will be published on PATH’s website by December 2015. To gain access to the tool at that point, please visit the page linked below.

Corporate author(s): PATH

Publication date: March 2014, revised in June 2015