• Progress over a Decade of Zinc and ORS Scale-up 12-02-2016

Progress Zinc/ORS scale up

By end of 2015, diarrhea remained a leading killer of children under 5. However, important progress has been made to scale up zinc and ORS, which together are the recommended treatment for childhood diarrhea. Progress over a Decade of Zinc and ORS Scale-up: Best Practices and Lessons Learned aims to share experiences and consolidate lessons from countries and child health partners that have launched large-scale efforts to scale-up zinc and ORS. This includes a series of case studies outlining specific approaches, lessons learned, and global resources to support interventions for securing an enabling environment, ensuring wide availability of supply, and improving demand among providers and caregivers – in both public and private sectors. A summary of key global initiatives and frameworks that have helped to raise the profile of zinc and ORS as a key intervention for reducing child mortality—including the UN Commission on Life-Saving Commodities for Women and Children—is also included.

Information was gathered from members of the Child Health TRT, co-chaired by UNICEF and CHAI, and other experts involved in child health programs during key informant interviews and during the 2015 Special Session on Lessons Learned during a Decade of Scaling up Zinc and ORS, hosted by USAID and SHOPS. For more information, contact Nancy Goh (ngoh@clintonhealthaccess.org).