Pitching female condoms

to Zambian and European media
Pitching female condoms
Cecilia Chaamwe (right) speaks to Universe Sindamu at her home in Chiima village near the Nameembo Rural Health Centre in Zambia's Southern Province in October 2011. ©UNICEF/Nesbitt

UNFPA, under the mandate of the UN commission on Life-Saving Commodities, organized two journalist round table discussions in December on female condom advocacy and outreach. The purpose of the round tables was to alert journalists on the lack of access to female condoms, and encourage them to raise public and donor awareness on this poor availability. Female condoms offer a powerful triple protection against HIV, other STIs, and unwanted pregnancies. Yet, in 2013, only one female condom was available for every eight women of reproductive health age in Sub-Saharan Africa. The first round table, in Zambia, took place as part of the Global Consultation on Female Condom in Lusaka, 2-6 December 2014, and brought together eight journalists, resulting in a range of stories published in local media and calling the attention on the benefits of female condoms. The second round table, held in London on 9 December, was targeting 19 European journalists and is likely to results in coverage later in 2015.

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