• Malawi Youth Friendly Health Service Standards 2007 07-08-2014

Malawi youth friendly HS standards

The Ministry of Health in collaborations with its partners, notably UNICEF, WHO and UNFPA, commenced the process of developing the National Standards for Youth Friendly Health Services to provide guidance towards the implementation of various youth health services in Malawi.

The primary objectives of these standards are to develop a supportive environment for the delivery of young people’s health services; to enhance community and young people’s participation in health services, to provide services which meet the health needs of young people in a way accessible and acceptable to them, while at the same time, availing them of information on their health and rights to health services.

The standards also provides a guide to various implementing partners so that  services are provided in line with the minimum health package. The minimum health package is a combination of clinical services and health promotion interventions provided for addressing the health needs of young people.  The three areas of emphasis in the minimum package are:

  • Health promotion
  • Delivery of Health Services
  • Referral and follow up