• Inventory of ICT Solutions for Supply Chains 07-08-2014

Prepared for the UNCoLS, April 2014

For the United Nations Commission on Life-saving Commodities for Women and Children, the ability of countries to predict, forecast, and
manage the 13 essential commodities along their supply chains is critical to the success of saving the lives of the millions of women and children who die every year from preventable deaths. Additionally, optimizing in-country supply chains to reduce losses related to overstocking, waste, expiration dates, damaged commodities, and inefficiencies can protect program investments and strengthen health systems to better deliver health services to the women and
children who need them the most.

The details included in this report serve to complement the inventory spreadsheet, which contains a catalog of ICT solutions for supply chains. The objective of the inventory is to assist countries in selecting a supply chain tool by reviewing the ways in which existing ICT solutions
have been already implemented in different countries. The following sections describe how to use the inventory, resources on how to select an ICT tool or product, and ways forward.