• Health Worker Training Referrals (African Muslim French version) 09-02-2016

Training for frontline health workers

The presentation is designed for use in a classroom setting, but can also be used one-on-one as a mentoring or training tool. The presentation includes comprehensive facilitator notes to allow easy and accurate message dissemination. The presentation can be printed in a flip-chart format, or simply hide the facilitator notes to project it in a classroom setting.

Topics covered in the training include: What is pneumonia, causes, signs and symptoms, diagnosis (how to count breaths and look for chest in-drawing), danger signs and prevention.

You should use this training if the frontline health workers in your community ARE NOT permitted to prescribe/dispense amoxicillin.

The file can be easily adpated to suit local contexts. Some suggested adaptations:
– Convert to local languages
– Consider adding local immunisation advice/schedule
– Use local amoxicillin formats as needed if AMX-DT is not available
– Include mortality estimates in your country.

For a comprehensive training program, make sure to use this training deck with the full kit of resources including: videos, test, post training flier and follow-up text messages.

Published by the Diarrhea & Pneumonia Working Group