FP2020 resource kit for family planning strategies

FP2020 resource kit for family planning strategies
A health worker explains to a pregnant woman the importance of birth planning using oral contraceptives at the local health centre, in the village of Sarkin Yamma Sofoua, Niger, September 2010. ©UNICEF/

FP2020 just launched its costed implementation plan (CIP) Resource Kit, featuring tools for developing and executing a robust, actionable and resourced family planning strategy. Specifically, the kit includes guidance documents and tools necessary for program planners, ministry representatives and technical assistance providers to go through the CIP process. The Resource Kit provides best-practice guidance based on the hands-on experience of governments, donors and technical assistance providers in creating and implementing CIPs.

The Resource Kit can accelerate progress toward family planning goals irrespective of a country’s current stage of CIP implementation: Government officials and technical assistance providers can use the kit to develop new plans, help refine and implement existing strategies and move policy to action. Users are encouraged to select and adapt the guidance documents and tools that suit their needs, as not every country context requires carrying out each step of the process or using every resource in the kit.


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