Brenda Mubita (right) assists a pregnant woman at the Chimembe Rural Health Centre in Chimembe Village, Zambia, in September 2009. © UNICEF/Nesbitt


Goal: Contribute to the country’s maternal, newborn and child health Road Map and objectives of the Central Province Action Plan, leading to increased number of facilities providing essential and quality RMNCH services especially delivery and EmONC services, increased institutional deliveries and increased uptake of essential RMNCH services such as postnatal care for both mother and newborn. 

In 2015, Zambia received support through an RMNCH Country Engagement Process. In its first few months of implementation, the grant financed the procurement of essential maternal, newborn and child health supplies and equipment to provide quality high impact RMNCH services with special focus on EmONC.

The country team also provided support to programme management and accountability through supportive supervision, orientation on MDSR and coordination meetings.

The Ministry of Health and its partners also invested in infrastructure assessments, which were conducted to determine the quality of infrastructure being provided, prior to the scale up of this infrastructure. Overall, the assessments revealed a poor state of infrastructure and lack of quality maternity wings. To address these challenges, grant resources will be used for renovation and construction of maternity wards, waiting rooms and staff houses to improve the quality of maternal and newborn facilities. Solar power and boreholes to health facilities will also be provided.




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