(Centre) Aida Olimio, 18, sits in the waiting room of the Mavuzi Ponte Health Centre, in Mavuzi Ponte Village, Mozambique. She is six months pregnant and waiting for an antenatal examination. ©UNICEF/Williams


Goal: Reduce the maternal, neonatal and child mortality in Mozambique through increasing access to key RMNCH interventions focusing on two provinces – Sofola and Cabo Delgado – with the highest maternal mortality ratios.

The Ministry of health and its partners used the support it obtained through an RMNCH  Country Engagement Process to hold two National Health Week activities in May and November 2015. During these events, over a million women became new users of family planning, and close to 10 million male condoms and 700,000 female condoms were distributed. More than 8 million children were reached with Vitamin A supplementation, deworming, assessment of nutritional status and TB screening.

In addition, the country trained health workers at all levels to increase access to key RMNCH interventions, as well of the quality of delivery: 570 traditional birth attendants in 35 districts were trained in providing misoprostol to prevent post- partum haemorrhage, while maternal and child health nurses have also been trained to act as trainers using updated training materials and ensure quality monitoring of this intervention. In parallel, nearly 1,000 community health workers undertook training to scale up services at community level.

The Ministry of health and its partners purchased chlorhexidine for cord cleaning in 35 districts.

In a bid to improve the referral system for pregnant women between communities, health facilities and referral centres, the Ministry of Health is reviewing a business model of public-private partnership to operate new ambulances at local level.

Regarding quality improvement efforts, 34 health facilities in Sofala and Cabo Delgado provinces have been selected to implement the health care quality improvement standards. Each province has developed an action plan for capacity building, improvement of the work environment covering the supply of essential maternal and newborn equipment, furniture and water supply. This is expected to significantly increase coverage of institutional deliveries and maternal death audits.

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