Gordon Laimoni spends time advising and encouraging Friday Mkuzi and his wife Mary both before and after the birth of their baby Emily.

Gordon Laimoni advised and encouraged Friday Mkuzi and his wife Mary both before and after the birth of their baby Emily in Malawi in 2014. Male motivators ensure that males provide support to their partners during pregnancy and after birth. ©UNCEF/Schermbrucker


Goal: Ensure the availability, equitable access and rational use of good quality safe and efficacious medicines and supplies at an affordable cost and accelerate the reduction of maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality.

Malawi’s commodity-focus plan in 2013 sought toimprove access of women and children to an uninterrupted supply of RMNCH essential commodities at all levels in the 28 districts in 2013-2014. That required work on all fronts. On policy and regulation, with the distribution of revised National Standard Treatment Guidelines and Essential Medicine List; on quality, with post marketing surveillance for quality RMNCH drugs; on improving the performance of health workers, with 1900 health workers trained on the use of underutilized RMNCH commodities and a system whereby senior pharmacists mentor and supervise district and health facility staff; on strengthening the supply chain, with the introduction of quarterly review of quantifications and with the training of 1700 health workers on stock and logistics management of essential commodities and a mobile phone based community level commodity tracking system 

From 2015, Malawi, through an RMNCH Country Engagement Process, received support to remove bottlenecks at the facility level, such as commodity stock-outs, insufficient RMNCH job aids/checklists, and recent training of health delivery personnel.

The Ministry of Health and its partners made available critical equipment such as ambulances and bicycles to strengthen the referral system, and procured female sterilization tests IUCD insertion and removal equipment.

The country also worked to build the capacity of heath workers at all levels with a range of trainings on the use of these family planning products, as well as on Integrated maternal and Newborn Health package; at the community level, on Community Based Maternal and Newborn Health. In facilities, with a training of trainers on the use of quality of care assessment tool.

A comprehensive assessment of the quality of MNCH services was undertaken in 31 hospitals and health centres in five districts.


The graph below summarizes the country context and the  achievements to date with the support that the country has received.


Malawi -  Infographics


Track Results

Malawi - Track Results