Nursing sister-in-charge Rumana Rashid opens up an incubator in the maternity ward at the referral hospital Garissa Provincial Hospital (GPH) in Kenya, in March 2011. ©UNICEF/Nesbitt


Goal: Accelerate progress of maternal and newborn health in six high burden counties

In a bid to increase availability and utilization of maternal and newborn health services, the Ministry of Health and its partners procured critical BEmONC and EmONC equipment and trained health care workers to provide BEmONC services and mentorship support.

Outreaches have also been conducted to hard-to-reach areas to provide family planning, immunization, nutrition, ANC services, and treat minor ailments.  Six counties developed annual workplans to strengthen accountability, monitoring and evaluation systems for Reproductive Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Services.

The support that the country has been given through the RMNCH Country Engagement Process paved the way for innovative public-private partnerships with Safaricom, MSD, Philips, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Huwei.