Enity Nafti, holding her 7-week-old daughter Rejoice, tells a health worker her immunization history at the Mbengwi Health Clinic in the village of Mbengwi, Cameroon. ©UNICEF/Hearfield


Goal: Increase coverage of high quality RMNCH interventions (essential and emergency obstetric and newborn care, family planning) in 16 health districts of three regions.

The Cameroon Ministry of Health and its partners got support through a RMNCH Country Engagement process to procure obstetric care/family planning equipment in order to improve skilled deliveries. Concerning newborn care, 141 health care providers were trained to provide essential newborn care.

To improve the demand for RMNCH services, community groups in 14 health districts organized community mobilization activities in 14 districts, while the country team also included comprehensive sexual health education as part of the school curriculum for adolescents/youths.

To help improve community health interventions, community health workers were trained in implementing essential family practices package.

The Ministry and Health and its partners also worked to strengthen the coordination, monitoring and evaluation of planned activities, by supporting the development of two RMNCH multisector regional plans and micro plans for the 14 health districts, and periodic supervision of RMNCH activities at all levels.

The experiences in multisectoral planning, implementation and monitoring are key to improving a broad- based platform to respond to continued high mortality among women and children.

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