Shorifa Begum, a Community Health Volunteer sharing information on ways to improve maternal and neonatal health, in Thakurgaon Sadar, April 2011. ©UNICEF/Siddique


Goal: Improve maternal and child health services by reducing post-partum haemorrhage and improving case management of pneumonia.

Banglasdesh received support through the RMNCH Country Engagement Process to procure and distribute misoprostol tablets. Community health workers and health managers in 62 out of 64 districts were trained to provide misoprostol tablets to women soon after delivery.

The country also undertook a study on the quality of uterotonics available in public and private sector outlets in the country, which will help identify any necessary regulatory action to be taken by the Government of Bangladesh and the development of appropriate quality assurance strategies for misoprostol and oxytocin.

The Ministry of Health and its partners also procured 7.5 million Dispersible Amoxicillin tablets from a local approved pharmaceutical company in order to rapidly increase coverage for pneumonia treatment, in a country where pneumonia accounts for 22% of all under five deaths.

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