• Caregiver Story with Doctor (South Asian English version) 15-08-2015

Illustrated story to explain signs of pneumonia

This story is designed to be printed as a flip chart and be used by a facilitator in the community. It is an engaging story of a child who is coughing and having trouble breathing. His mother gets help from the local community health worker who instructs her to visit the local doctor who assesses the child and determines he has pneumonia. We follow the story as the mother is prescribed the correct medicine for the child and shown how to give the medicine. She then learns about what causes pneumonia and how it can be prevented in the future.

You should use this story if the frontline health workers in your community are NOT permitted to prescribe amoxicillin, and instead, refer suspected pneumonia to the local health facility or doctor.

Suggested adaptations:
– Convert to local languages
– Use local terms for “pneumonia” and “fast/difficult breathing”
– Remove reference to Amoxicilln if this cannot be advertised to caregivers in your country
– Consider adding local immunisation advice

For maximum impact, it is best to provide partcipants with the flier as well so that it reinforces the messages from the story.

Published by the Diarrhea & Pneumonia Working Group